Summer Enrichment 2018 Themes

Week 1 - Art of Science

Students will discover the beauty of science through creative and innovative projects. With colors, shapes, and experimentation, students will fuse nature and art to express and interpret their unique observations and discoveries. By the end of the week, students will invite parents to visit their gallery. (Academic Enrichment: hand-eye coordination, geometry, physical science, visual and expressive art, descriptive writing)

Week 2 - Climate and Culture

This is an exciting week that will give students a sense of gratefulness for the resources we use on a daily basis. Through an experience that will simulate the challenges in harsher climates around the world, students will gain an understanding and appreciation for recycling, composting, and sharing. By the end of the week, students will host a climate and culture expo for families to demonstrate their knowledge about sustainable living and environmental stewardship. (Academic Enrichment: geography, ecosystems, soil science, weather systems, faith traditions, and food culture)

Week 3 - Algorithms in Nature

By learning about the hidden processes in nature, students will grasp the fundamentals of coding. With hours of fun unplugged activities and exploration, students will discover their curiosity through patterns in nature and how these patterns translate into basic programming. Students will understand the impact of their digital footprint and how to use technology responsibly. Students will have their own coding account, allowing parents to track progress over the course of the week, and beyond. (Academic Enrichment: biology, computer science, math, engineering, drawing, the art of story)

Week 4 - Global Entrepreneurship

Students will creatively play through starting a business in order to learn what it means to live in a global economy. By the end of the week, students will be hosting parents in their very own restaurant, serving meals they’ve made to represent various cultures around the world. (Academic Enrichment: math, geography, food science, faith and cultural awareness, culinary and applied arts, creative writing, speech)

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