Thank you for registering your child in the Peace Academy of the Sciences and Arts 2022 Summer Program:

Rhythms of Our Neighborhood
Please calculate your payment and follow the instructions below.

Registration: $350


Part of the Peace Academy’s mission is to create a diverse student population that will enrich our community’s shared human experiences. Helping another student, who may not otherwise be able to attend the Peace Academy, could change how a child perceives themselves, their self-worth, and their sense of belonging. 

If you would like to help another child attend the Peace Academy, please do so here:

Payment Methods

Zelle: You can make an online payment using the Zelle transfer service (either through the mobile app or your online banking provider). With the Zelle app or your online banking provider, you can send your payment to ““.

Check: If you prefer to write a check, please make it out to “Peace Academy of the Sciences and Arts” and mail it to:

Peace Academy of the Sciences and Arts
Attn: Program Tuition
P.O. Box 13024
San Luis Obispo, CA 93406

Payment through Paypal

Child(ren)’s Name(s)

Once the transfer is complete, we collect your check, or receive your Paypal payment, you will receive a confirmation email from the Peace Academy.

Refund Policy
In the case of needing tuition canceled, we can process a full refund through May 1st, and a 50% refund through June 1st. Unfortunately, we are unable to process refunds after June 1st.