Give your child the best summer educational experience this year. Now, more than ever, we believe that our curriculum is incredibly timely! We've designed a curriculum that acknowledges the impact of current events on our children and their education.

We offer children an opportunity to respond to their current situation, and to give them a platform to express themselves and a comprehensive scaffold so they can actualize their creative thoughts into the 3D.

"Thriving Collectively in Our Changing World"

Our incredible team of teachers are volunteering weekends and evenings to create an impactful program with very limited screen time. We’ve created something your child can do at anytime from anywhere. Our platform includes endless possibilities for you and your family to keep all summer.

Learn more by tuning in to the recording of our Informational session:

What makes Peace Academy so unique is that we teach academic subjects like English, Math, and Science, using these pillars to contextualize learning, so it becomes a meaningful experience. We have intentionality behind everything we design and intricately connect all the ideas, objectives, projects, and discussions so that it’s all woven into a cohesive picture for children. 

Thriving in 2020 Big Ideas:

Day 1: Expression & Awareness
Origins Connection to Malala and Education

Day 2: Stewardship of Resources
Origins Connection to the Water Crisis, focus Flint Michigan

Day 3: Shelters, Local and Global
Origins Connection to Shelter
Special Guest, Jordan Hattar, Founder of Help for Refugees

Day 4: Climate & Nutrition
Origins Connection to Food

Day 5: Peace
Origins Connection to Peace

Because what we do is so unlike a typical classroom, and the experiences we give children covers the range of socio-emotional connections all the way to the global level, children can see the importance of each subject, and the “why” of what they’re learning. 

Our Mission
To inspire a deep understanding of self and others through a learning culture that celebrates creative innovation, enriched collaborative experiences, and connection through core human values.