Thank you for making the Peace Academy of the Sciences and Arts' first Summer Enrichment such a huge success!!

We are grateful for all the students, families, teachers, staff, and partners who made this possible. Our community is growing! Thank you!
Please stay tuned for upcoming programs.

“Tilly was excited to wake up EVERY morning
to go to camp, unlike typical school! She is
feeling more independent, helpful, and caring.”
“Kai was always interested in coding, but
now he is even more interested. [He]
would like to do all 4 weeks next year”.
"[Our daughter] has developed leadership
qualities that made her feel
confident and proud.”
“The kids have said they want to live
here they have enjoyed it so much.”
“Sasha became much more concretely aware
of community responsibility, environmental
stewardship, and the value of diversity.”
“Anika loved coming everyday! I noticed she was
able to articulate the day’s activities easily
because she understood exactly what she was
- 2018 Summer Enrichment Parent

Week 1
Art of Science

Week 2
Climate & Culture

Week 3
Algorithms in Nature

Week 4
Global Entrepreneurship

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